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We provide legal representation to regularly persecuted, vulnerable groups, conduct legal research & pursue constitutional remedies.



persons from marginalised communities released on rightful bail



persons provided with quality representation in district courts



Law students from Vimukta & Adivasi communities in Bhopal supported


The legal representation available within the economic means of those we work with is focused on maintaining the status quo of policing (as that ensures stable income for lawyers) and fails to challenge the structural underpinnings which facilitate continued legal prosecution.

We believe a multi-pronged approach to litigation with proactive engagement at the pre-bail and pre-trial stages, with respect to illegal detention, torture, investigation and evidence collection aspects help in better pursuit of justice.


Why Charan Singh Bolts His House From Inside And Out

Read this series to understand how procedural tools are used to perpetrate violence against denotified tribes.


Why It’s So Important to Decongest Madhya Pradesh’s Prisons

Madhya Pradesh’s prisons are presently overcrowded by nearly 180%, with 49,763 incarcerated individuals.

Research & Advocacy

We seek to document the structural and institutional modes of marginalisation and oppression against Vimukta communities to ensure that there is a public record and public discourse on the structural violence inflicted by the criminal justice system. There is very little data and analysis available regarding this and we aim to bridge that gap and set precedence for future studies.

Policy level changes and constitutional strategies are undertaken to bring systemic changes.


Excise Policing in Madhya Pradesh


Drunk on Power: Report

Study of Excise Policing in Madhya Pradesh


Drunk on Power: Explainer Video

Explainer video about Excise Policing in M.P.


The MP assembly has passed the addition of death penalty to the excise act without any discussion. This has serious implications for Vimukta communities who are regularly targeted under this law. We are working with community members and other civil society organisations to make recommendations and fight

Countermapping Pandemic Policing


Countermapping pandemic policing

Study of Sanctioned violence in Madhya Pradesh


Pandemic Policing Comic

Study of Sanctioned violence in Madhya Pradesh


Pandemic Policing Infographics

Study of Sanctioned violence in Madhya Pradesh

Capacity Building

We aim to set better standards of legal practice at trial courts by sharing research and strategies, and by helping create a community of human rights lawyers who recognise the lens of marginalisation so that the change can have a multiplier effect. We believe in empowering communities with alternative forms of justice practices and trained paralegal professionals who can pursue justice beyond incarceration.


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The CPA Project is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment, challenging caste-based systemic injustices and targetting.

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