The legal representation available within the economic means of those we work with is focused on maintaining the status quo of policing and fails to challenge the structural underpinnings which facilitate continued legal prosecution.

We believe a multi-pronged approach to litigation with proactive engagement at the pre-bail and pre-trial stages, with respect to illegal detention, torture, investigation and evidence collection aspects help in better pursuit of justice.





persons from marginalised communities released on rightful bail


persons provided with quality representation in district courts


Law students from Vimukta & Adivasi communities in Bhopal supported

The Madhya Pradesh High Court issued directions to the police to avoid arresting for offences punishable by less than seven years as a result of the Prison Decongestion PIL filed by the CPA Project

Our study on policing during the pandemic underscored how a public health crisis was transformed into a law and order problem through the criminalisation of marginalised communities.

Issues of targeting and intrusive surveillance faced by DNT communities in Bhopal highlighted in International and national media.

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